An inspector in the Nigerian police, John Markus on Saturday committed suicide after shooting his colleague Mathew Akubo dead.

According to the report, Markus who is attached to Dutse Police Divisional Headquarters, Abuja, began firing a round of ammunition into the air while on duty as a guard.

He was reportedly called to order by Akubo, a corporal but the Markus turned and shot him in the head.

A superintendent of police Abdullahi Ovanu came out from the office to inquire what happened but Markus also shot him in the arm.

Moments later, Markus shot himself through his mouth. The remains of the inspector and the corporal have been deposited at the mortuary in Kubwa General Hospital while the superintendent of police was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile police commissioner in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Bala Ciroma has confirmed the incident.