Success In Life Series By AMBROSE NWAOPARA



                                    TO SUCCESS

One thing many people do not know is that one’s behavior or attitude to life contributes a lot to the person’s success story. Many who would have climbed higher in life end up not achieving much because of their ‘I don’t care’ attitude to life. You may have been taken things of life for granted thinking that whoever will succeed will definitely succeed. But that is not true, because statistics have shown that it does not happen in that way.


Success comes from organized behaviors, not by behaving any how or doing things in a haphazard way. Take for instance, you are to drive from point A to point B and there is a road leading to these two points which is very smooth. By following this smooth road, you can get from point A to point B within a few hours, but an ‘I don’t care’ man who is not always organized the way he does his things, decides to follow other routes, which are very bad in order to link up the next point. You will find out that such a person will take more hours to get to his destination, if at all he gets there with his vehicle intact, because the bad road may spoil the vehicle, preventing him from getting there. If the person is the type that usually gives up easily, he may even out of frustration decides to return to where he started and that will be the end of the journey. So the main lesson here is that an organized person will always plan very well before setting out to any mission. He would do his home work very well and find the best and shortest way to get to his destination. He does not need to just wake up and start up something without a plan.  Again, as he is on his way, he will be applying other means to make the journey better. In this way, he does not need to waste his energy or waste his time doing the wrong things, all in the bid to get to his destination.


This narration above actually depends on one’s attitude or habits to life. The better your habits and the way you do things of life, the better your performance and your ability to achieve greater things too. Therefore, it is good character and good thinking that can lead you to good success. In other words, it is your attitude, your interest and your commitment to what you have chosen to do in life, which is the necessary requirement for achieving greatness.


Every man or woman has his or her own uniqueness, of which when discovered and developed can make a lot of difference in the person’s life. Also make no mistake about this, success is never a thing that is measured by how big your dreams and aspiration are, but by how you have been able to work on them to achieve success and that is exactly where attitude, organization and planning comes in. Therefore, with the right attitude and right planning, you can be able to make the right choices, which includes, having the right understanding of what you want to become in life and where your interest lies. Other things include your intellectual and financial ability, as well as your disposition. Without missing this particular point, even if you have made the right choice of what you want to do, it will still take you a good character, not only to take you to the top, but also to ensure that you continue to perform at your best, as well as retaining you always at the top, which would earn you a very great achievement.


To be continued (COMING SOON PART 2)