This is how things happen sometimes in life when one is not careful with himself. The above story ( part 2 of this article) actually happened to a man who was recommended to that company by another person close to him and the company, but at the end of day he missed everything, in spite of his high hopes. This is the kind of a thing bad character or you may call it bad behavior or bad attitude or bad habit can cause to a person. You may think that you are working hard to achieve something but at the end of the day noting comes to you. This could be due to negligence of very little things by you, things you never thought matter in anyway. No matter how skillful, no matter how good you are in doing something, no matter how hardworking you are, no matter how dedicated you are, no matter how committed you are and so on, you should always try to realize that certain behavioral patterns, no matter how little you may take it could affect the overall result of your performance considerably and this is why it is good to take everything that has to do with success as important as the other, nothing should be neglected for any reason, because doing that may be to your detriment. Everything you do, you must be organized, you may not need to be a perfect person, but you should try as much as possible to meet up with certain expectations in life.

Take tolerance for example, it is something anybody cannot neglect on the way to achieving success in life. In fact, tolerance in a simple form is when one learns to understand, appreciate and work with others no matter the background. It opens the door for more opportunity in business and many other things. Tolerance can bring to you a lot of goodwill and success. Learn how to mix up with others without discrimination, whether the person is tall or short, black or white, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, educated or an illiterate, child or an adult, fat or slim etc. Tolerance can bring to you a lot of amazing opportunities and successes that can completely change your life. You may never be able to tell, the one you are snubbing today might turn out to become the only one that can open your success doors tomorrow. If for instance you have treated him badly or condemned or even snubbed such a person, how will you face him for a favor tomorrow? Everyone is created to be tolerant to each other. That is why at a very early age parents should teach their children a lot of things on how to be tolerant and as a model to the children; the parents should be able to teach the children by example. When you talk together about respect and tolerance, it helps the children learn more about the values you want them to have.

Instilling values in children is one of the foundation stages of planning for a person’s future success. Try to give the children opportunities to interact, play and work with others. In this way, it lets them to learn firsthand that everyone has something to contribute and to experience differences and similarities. For you to help your kids to learn the attitude of tolerance very well, you have to be careful with your own attitudes. Always demonstrate an attitude of respect for others. Remember to be careful with what you say, as children are always listening. Beware the way you talk, especially the way you talk about other people different from yourself. For no reason should you make jokes that perpetuate stereotype. Although you may think that some of these things do not matter, that they are just harmless fun, but they can undo attitudes of tolerance and respect.

Try to select the types of books, toys, music, art, videos and many other things you give to the kids carefully. Also keep in your mind the part the media play in shaping one’s attitude. Try to point out and talk to them about unfair stereotypes in the media. Again, always try to answer children’s questions about differences and many other things honestly and respectively. Children learn a lot by the way you treat them and treat others too, that is why parents who are bad mannered usually have children who behave the same way, because they learnt what they see their parents do.