A relationship should not be selfish. It is supposed to be for two people connecting with each other whether good or bad, in profit and in loss, in pain and in pleasure. In a relationship, you will always recognize that somebody is with you. You are not alone. It can change, as well as give you a new life.           

Most times in life, there are certain things you would want to achieve, which you may never reveal to anyone. But if you have a relationship with someone, you could reveal such things to that person. If it is a very good and cordial relationship, you will get support and encouragement, such as “Go ahead, I know you can make it”, “You have the ability”, “I will always be with you in whatever way you go” etc. This type of encouragement and support is highly motivational and can rapidly push you forward to the next level.          

Sometimes, you may not be well or you may be very unhappy. If you have a relationship at that time, you can be encouraged in a way that you get back yourself quickly. Such emotional encouragement as; “Do not worry, it will be alright’’, “Believe me I will always be with you” etc can do the magic for you.  

In fact, when you get a good relationship, you have with you, a lover, a friend and a confidant. When somebody is with you in a thriving relationship, you are never alone; you can boldly do anything in front of your partner. Whatever you do, you will not mind as such actions will be understood.  A good relationship is something else; it can easily be described as invaluable.    

Surprisingly, many times you may not realize your strengths until your partner points it out to you. You may be addressed with such sweet names as darling, honey etc, informing you that you are so good in one thing or the other, with an advice for you to keep it up. This advice will make you to perform much more than you have done and this can bring to you lots of self confidence.       

At all times, always go for a relationship that can give you quality life and true joy. For instance, whenever you see couples doing things together, such as; dining, dancing, sporting, exercising etc, you will notice that they are always happy and healthy. This is just the truth because they are more loving than some of their counterparts who are less affectionate. The way they relate to each other play a very significant part in the good health and happiness which they enjoy in their loving and supportive relationship. Among the important things that make it beneficial to their mind and soul, include the mere acts of just touching, kissing and caressing. These acts are wonderful ingredient in boosting the level of emotional and physical status of people involved in good relationship.              

Love can play wonderful part in determining the way couples interact. Based on a very thorough and interesting research, it has been discovered that men who are happily married live for about 10years longer than single and divorced men. In the same way, happily married women live for about 4 years longer than single or divorced women, while those who are involved in problematic relationships usually find themselves in a physically deteriorating condition.

 Bad relationship can do a lot of damage to somebody, such as putting a serious strain on some one’s heart, which unfortunately may initiate a sort of domino effect of negative stress – induced behaviors. Some of these behaviors include; abusing controlled substance or overeating in order to divert the feeling of loneliness, depression or even rejection.