Self-reliance is a way of somebody becoming independent. It is the act of someone having confidence in his or her own powers and decisions. When you are self reliant, it simply means you depend on yourself for the necessities of life; you do not depend on anybody for help. You do things by yourself, including decision on the way you want to live your life. Being self reliant does not mean being self-egoism. It is not selfishness; instead it is a method of preparing for the future without having to hope on anybody. When you are self-reliant, you take it upon yourself to wedge the war against poverty, without having to wait for anyone to either help you or advice you on how to go about it, as they may not be as eager as you in moving forward to your designation, which is to attain success in life. When you rely on yourself, there is always the possibility of you making it in life, especially if you are the ambitious type. In fact, if you do not depend on anybody, as you are moving towards the success direction, others who depend on someone or something else could be waiting for when the green light will be given to them to start their own process of climbing the success ladder. But unfortunately such people who depend on others could wait indefinitely for the external influence to motivate them without getting any. By the time they are able to make up their mind or decide on what to do, the self reliant man or woman must have gone far on the road to success.           

There is a lot of disadvantage depending on other people, the person or people you are depending on, may not have the same ambition or may not be the type of person who can motivate somebody positively. There are very many negative people in the world who can only tell you how impossible it is to become successful in life. Hardly does anybody give what he does not have, so the person you are depending on may not have that kind of ambitious way of thinking, which someone can use to encourage another person.

Nature did not make it for people to continually cling on others for support. Some of the difficulties, hardship and trials, including the entire obstacles and challenges one encounter on the road to fortune, are all positive blessing in disguise. These difficulties make you to become stronger and help you to improve on your self-reliance. In this way, the difficulties make you stronger. In the same way, when wrestling with someone who is stronger than you, your strength increases and you learn more of the secret of his skill.

Try to depend wholly upon yourself; you can train your mind towards that way of life. There are lots of advantages in somebody depending on himself. Endeavor to discover your latent powers, your in-born potentials, it is only then you would awaken your manhood to its noblest form. When you are self reliant, you can easily take decision and follow it up immediately.