Poverty is one aspect of limitation which every self reliant and mentally sound person can easily overcome. Most successful men in the world have passed through poverty in that way. They have recognized that poverty is only a passing phase, which a man has to overcome in order to succeed. The condition of being poor is not a permanent one, except the person who is in such poor situation chooses to remain there. The decision is yours, you do not need help from anybody to decide whether to succeed or not. Poverty is just a teacher, teaching its students through self-reliance, perseverance and many other ways. It is really very wrong for anyone to be depending on friends, associates and relations for survival. It is a fact that most people have depended on others for many years hoping for help from their relations, friends and others, wasting their prime life in vain. Stop wasting your valuable time, all in the name of hoping or depending on some other persons to make you become what you want to be. Wake up now, think about your own future, and desist from putting anybody in the picture as to be your helper. Summon your power and boldly walk out of the mean condition you find yourself. Have it in your mind that those who always depended on other people are usually the first to be swept out by the storms of hardship. Those dependent people find it difficult to get over or absorb certain conditions, such as disappointments and temporary defeat. The reason why such people suffer in this way is because they have not firmly stiffened themselves and they have also not strongly built pillars of self support. They are always running from one person to the other searching for help in vain. You should be ready to train your mind, strengthen your muscles and be ready for any emergency.            

To avoid the mistake made by many people who wasted their time depending on others, you should try to train your children quite early in their life on how to depend on themselves entirely, so that they do not waste the better part of their lives waiting for other people to lift them up. Do this as regards the popular saying which is “Teach a child the way to go; when he has grown up he would not depart from it”. Every person should have faith in himself and take earnest hold of life. You should always try to be a creator, instead of being an inheritor; you should even be giving instead of borrowing. Instead of waiting to acquire your father’s or forefather’s wealth, you should start today to work for your own wealth, which you will be sure of when you have it. Always fight your own battle and decide the way you want to win it, not depending on another person who may even sabotage you. Instead of you to be angrily saying that if you had education, good friends, capital and others, you would have made it in life, know it now that you can even do better without depending on those things you are regretting not having.