With confidence, you can achieve a lot of things. Confidence really doubles and trebles the power of all the other faculties. When you lose confidence in any contest, you will hardly win it. When you are running a race, and you are hotly being followed by the other athletes, if you continue to have self-confidence, you will most likely going to win the race, but if you are intimidated by the others who are about overtaken you, you may lose your self-confidence and in his way, you may surrender the first price which you were almost capturing before you lost your confidence.               

Self confidence is born out of the belief in one’s own powers and ability. A man, who is self-confident, is usually bold and daring in his actions. With his self-confident mentality he often passes through difficulties to attain success with ease. He does not “beat about the bush”. He always goes for what he wants and gets it with ease. A self-confident man usually has a laudable image of himself, which he constantly holds in mind most times. He thinks forward and has a focus as well as a target of what he wants.            

When you are self confident, anything you decide to do is regarded as half done even before you start. When problems and difficulties are confronted face to face with confidence, it would naturally die. With self-confidence, you can easily eliminate fear, erase different forms of doubt and you can easily conquer anxiety. It also brings about boldness in a man and without it; it would be difficult to accomplish anything.

It is from the mind that any success or great achievement comes from. This type of achievement also involves a lot of thinking, planning, dreaming, expectations, persistency in believing in one’s ability to accomplish what he has set out for himself, as well as a kind of mental attitude directed towards achieving the set objectives by all means. This kind of stubborn mental attitude of getting what you set out for yourself increases your confidence, as well as eliminating all forms of doubts and fears. Always believe that it is your God’s giving right to succeed and be convinced in yourself that you can get to any level in life. There is no way anything can be difficult for a man who has vowed never to fail in anything he is doing in life. Such a person does not believe in the impossibility of anything and can go to any length to honestly get whatever he wants. When you say that you have a lot of obstacles or challenges preventing you from achieving anything, it is as a result of your own mental barrier not for any other thing. Just remove that kind of attitude, you will find out that nothing is actually impossible.  



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