No matter the way other people are thinking about your intentions and whatever you have set out to achieve, some may even call you a crazy dreamer, a funny visionary and so many other insulting names, do not deviate from your aims. You must believe in yourself and keep moving without succumbing or falling for mere distraction. You can get yourself distracted only when you lose the confidence in you. For no reason should you allow anybody or anything at all to distract or shake the belief you have for yourself. Along the road to your destination of achieving your life dreams, you may lose a lot, including your friends, reputation, properties, even other people’s confidence, but you should never give up, because as long as you keep a firm faith in yourself. You must get to your destination and no man, no woman and nothing whatever can stop you. If you decide never to lose hope and keep on pushing forward, honestly the world and every other thing will sooner or later make way for you to the surprise of those who never believed in you. It is only when self-confidence is present in a man that is when he would have a glimpse of his nobler self and muster courage and the force to combat any form of trials or difficulties that would have utterly disheartened him.       

A man came across a particular woman who has been struggling day and night to achieve what she set out for herself. The first thing the man said to the woman was; “I have been watching you any time I pass by here, your courage is what I admire a lot, I also admire your industrious habit, but please can you tell me why you choose to suffer in this way?” the woman was initially embarrassed by the man’s expressions, but when she got back herself, she replied in a very low voice “why do you ask me this kind of question. Please leave me alone, I have a lot to do. You are just wasting my time”. At this point the man quickly added again “sorry I really did not mean to hurt you, but I just could not understand where you draw your inspiration and strength from, is like you are never tied. I watch you on a daily basis when I pass by as you do your business under all kinds of whether, as though nothing can ever stop you. If I may ask, what is the secret of this your ability and determination?” the woman again simply replied him” I do not have much to tell you, but the fact that I have a destination, makes me to remain undaunted until I get to where I am going” the man nodded his head in amazement, thanked the woman and gave her his business card. Today the woman has become highly successful and that man, who met her during her struggling days, has remained one of her big time clients.



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