Always try to build a strong faith in yourself. Make sure that nobody whatever can shake your confidence. Always know where you are going and be determined to get there against all odds. Have the faith that you are a special one and nothing can harm you, even trials and temptation would not affect you in any way. Believe strongly in yourself that actually nothing is impossible and that you are capable of doing anything whatsoever, including very great undertakings.

Fear and doubt are among the things that can intimidate a self-confident man. Again a man who is indecisive or double-minded may find it difficult to achieve anything. Such a person can hardly take a stand in any thing, because he finds it difficult to be resolute or definite in whatever he wants. He is always affected by anxiety, but if someone has a strong faith, he can always defeat doubt, anxiety and fear. It is the faith in you that guides, directs and encourages you all through your life. It gives you the glimpse of your possibilities, makes you not to lose hope in anything you are doing, as well as prevents you from quitting any of your life’s struggles. Your faith knows and sees what you cannot see. It sees those things such as resources, power and potencies which doubt and fears could prevent someone from utilizing.       

It is faith that sees the solution to any problem, it sees the way out and it is never afraid. Be sure to have a well developed sense of self-esteem or self-worth. This is very important for anyone to make any substantial breakthrough in life. Low self-esteem can easily destroy your ability to be bold and daring in pursing your goals. Stop worrying about your problems or what you may call obstacles; you are only making them look big by this attitude. Always see yourself as being greater than your problems, acknowledge your ability and potential to defeat any problem. Avoid the situation of allowing indecision to disorganize your life. Always have a clear picture of what you want. You must see yourself as a success and for no reason should you see yourself as one who can fail. As you are holding your dreams to your mind, take them as having already been realized. Do not allow any form of inferiority complex to take over you, affirm your superiority and divine power. Whatever is capable of instilling inferiority complex into you should be thrown away. Let your thinking habit be the type that is full of hopes and make sure you reject any form of discouragement that comes to you. For no reason should you allow your self-confidence to leave you, because if that happens that means your ability and power to perform and attain great heights is also gone. When you meet a difficult situation, simply laugh at it and move ahead with confidence to confront it head on, refuse to be intimidated by such a situation. When you are bold in confronting anything that comes your way, some other invisible forces will come to your aid. When you confront those things that you fear, fear will simply run away from you. For you to win in anything you set out to achieve, you must have a change and improve on the way you think. Take for instance, if for any reason you doubt your ability to do anything, thinking that others can do it better, if you also think negatively in everything you do, if you are afraid to take chances, if you are the timid type who lack boldness to do anything, if you are not a positive type of person, if you lack initiative and aggressive ability, then you can never achieve any great thing in your life, unless you decide to change your ways. Change the whole of your mental attitude and learn to have great faith in yourself. For you to keep progressing and succeeding, never you give up your confidence, because it is very essential to all your life ambitions.


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