In his determination to pursue the killing of Jamal Khashoggi to its logical conclusion, the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has on Friday condemned the Saudis for their changing account of the incident disclosing that “many more things will emerge” about the death of the Saudi journalist.


Erdogan revealed while giving a speech in Istanbul Turkey that one of the killers of the journalist was reportedly heard saying on the audio tape of his murder, “I know how to cut well,” stating that the recording was shared with the United States, Canada and Europe.

“The United States, Germany, France, Canada, we made them all listen. The man clearly says, ‘I know how to cut.’ This man is a soldier. These are all in the audio recordings,” Erdogan continued. He did not give further details about the recording.

Erdogan went further to again criticized Riyadh’s explanation of the killing. Originally, it stated that Khashoggi had left the consulate. This was later disputed by his Turkish fiancee, who had waited outside the building and said Khashoggi never emerged.

Erdogan also added that the man heard in the recording was a “morgue employee” who “openly” said he could dissect the body.

According to Turkey, a 15-person hit squad killed Khashoggi on Oct. 2 in Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate. Istanbul’s chief prosecutor has stated that Khashoggi was suffocated in the consulate before his body was dismembered and disposed of. His remains have yet to be found.

In his last moments, Khashoggi reportedly told his killers, “I can’t breathe,” CNN reported earlier this week.

Erdogan also criticized the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman for saying the journalist had left the consulate, a claim he later reversed.

“The prince says Jamal Khashoggi left the consulate. Is Jamal Khashoggi a kid? His fiancee is waiting outside,” Erdogan said. “They think the world is dumb. This nation isn’t dumb and it knows how to hold people accountable.”

It could be recalled that the killing of the former Washington Post writer has sparked outrage around the world.

In a more serious response to the killing, the American Senate voted on Thursday to end American military assistance for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

U.S. President Donald Trump has refused to condemn Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and has instead insisted that the kingdom is a valuable ally to the United States, despite a CIA assessment that the prince likely ordered Khashoggi’s killing.

In addition, European Union leaders are planning to use an upcoming Arab League summit to raise concerns with Saudi Arabia about Khashoggi’s death.

Saudi Arabia is chairing the Arab League, though some leaders had expressed uncertainty about whether the Feb. 24-25 summit should go ahead.

Meanwhile President Erdogan has reiterated that he will not give up the case.



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