Sometimes you may be noticing that your intimate relationship is not exactly the way you would have liked it to be. You may even feel that romance in your relationship has faded away. Romance is not something you do after a long space of time, in order to show your partner that you love him or her. It should be that state of mind, which permeates everything that you do and shows really the way you feel about your partner and life. Being romantic and loving takes a little token of acknowledgement to your partner. Sometimes it is a little bit more.

It is a fact that if you take the time to know what is going on with your partner and show him or her the things you noticed, you will enjoy the benefit of a more loving and communicative relationship.

The following are some of the various romantic ideas that can help to make your relationship better. These ideas can be changed to fit into what you want.

  • You can take time to plan a secret night or a secret day. It is a very good idea if you can set aside a particular day of the week as a secret date night. In this case, you and your partner can take turns planning a secret rendezvous. You can go to the beach night club, or some other interesting places. The important aspect of the whole thing is to spend time away from home together, while knowing that your partner has secretly created something special just for you.
  • You can attain the level of finding your lost romance, by turning off or removing all distractions. Some of these distractions could be things like playing games, watching movies or television, talking on telephone, surfing the internet and others. If you remove these distractions, then you will have the full time to do things together, such is playing a game, watching romantic movies, talking and sleeping together, attending occasion together and many other things.
  • You can chose a romantic encounter, such as spending an afternoon in a lounge chair sipping a tropical drink, while having your partner rub message oil over you. Romantic encounter is a perfect way to create a scene or moment both of you would want to share.
  • If your surroundings create a romantic feeling, you will find it easier to be in a loving mood. Put on a very interesting romantic music. You can even add an enticing touch with fresh flowers and a nice wine by your bed.
  • Playing games is another great way to spend a few hours being together, while talking and having fun. It is also a fact that some times the traditional games could be boring. Therefore try to spice them up a bit.

Romantic ways are many, so figure out how to make them work for you and your partner.

AMBROSE NWAOPARA  the writer is an author and a renowned life coach