The assurance of those things you hoped for is a good definition of faith. In other words, it is the evidence of things not seen. The best way faith can work very well for you, is that you have to act as if what you believed and confessed was an indisputable truth, rejecting any other believe outside that line of thought. If for any reason your circumstance tries to oppose that believe, ignore it immediately and move ahead. Just have it in mind that as from today, whatever you do not accept to be true in your life will never have its existence. Even when the negative is there for everybody to see, still maintain a positive stand, with time your faith will carry you through. Therefore exercise your freedom and make a success of your existence here on earth. Do not allow hardship, lack, sickness, and frustration to intimidate you. Exercise your divine potentials when things go wrong, when your pathway becomes rocky, when your finances are low and your debts are high, when sighs take the place of your smiles, when life appears meaningless and your friends are nowhere to be found. Still keep faith, your success is very close.            

Always cultivate the habit of making your mind to be filled with positive thoughts and optimism. As a matter of fact, it is the mind that makes the body thick. Guide your heart and your mouth with all diligence, in order to avoid harboring negative thoughts. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.       

Everything on earth has a double existence. There is the physical and the spiritual realm. Most of our blessings exist only in the spiritual realm waiting for us to call them into the physical. Actually, the spiritual controls the physical that is why; everybody should be able to operate in the spirit. You can do the impossible. You can change your destiny and become the person God wants you to be by operating in the spirit. For instance when you speak words in faith, you are doing some spiritual exercise.  

As science and technology have shown in the world today, most of the things we see are just a little fraction of things that can be in existence. The ordinary physical eyes do not see the real important forces at work in our lives and in the world about us. 

Always try to exercise your spiritual powers. Call into reality all your aspirations and pull down the entire stronghold against your life. Decree a better future for yourself. Faith is really the master to success. There can be no action without faith. Have faith and the death of fear is certain. Worry and anxiety are insidious and deadly, the only antidote is faith. 

Scientifically, faith has been proven to be a pre-requisite for any successful endeavor. Faith as a matter of fact, is the power that propels one’s hope. It makes one master over the physical world. It is faith that energizes and spurs men into action. Without faith, noting can truly be accomplished.           

Can you do the things you don’t believe yourself capable of doing? It will never happen. Never, hence to achieve your goal and actualize your dreams, you must believe not only in yourself but also in God. You need to believe in your ability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. When obstacles or problems come across your way, see them as challenges that must be faced squarely and conquered. Any obstacle you meet along your path to meeting your set targets must not discourage you. You must always maintain a high level of emotional stability in the face of difficulties.   

Let faith be in control of every decision you make and every action you take. Surrender leadership to faith and to God. For the highly religious the words of Philippians 4 verse 13 should always come in handy “I can do all things through him who strengthens me” Take these words for their ordinary meaning. Accept these words, by faith and work by them and the result will be tremendous. Remember that if we have faith like a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

AMBROSE NWAOPARA the writer is an author and a renowned life coach