Nigerian popular musician Flavour has in honour of his blind friend, Semah G. Weifur, constructed and commissioned a school block for the visually impaired in Liberia.


The First time Flavour came in contact with Semah was in 2017. The young singer had done a rendition of Flavour’s ‘Mama’ at a peace concert organized by Liberian singer, Juli Endee. Impressed by his performance, Flavour reached out to Semah and subsequently they became friends.

To show his seriousness in their relationship, Flavour adopted  the teenager to make the world know that someone’s condition does not necessarily bring limitations.

“When it comes to music, impairments do not exist; as for me, music is spiritual. Therefore, there are no limitations as to whom I choose to work with,” Flavour said in an interview last year.

“Cobhams Asuquo is another extraordinarily talented producer and composer that I worked with on “Virtuous Woman” as part of my fifth studio album ‘Ijele – The Traveller.’ There are no bounds to creativity.”

Semah was born blind to a poor family. For years, he had been in the care of Monrovia-based NGO, Christian Association of the Blind (CAB). The youngster who grew up in Nigeria dreams of becoming a singer.

After working with Semah for some time, Flavour said it was “incredibly humbling”.

“He is a vibrant young boy, who at a young age is very sure about himself and confident. I admire these qualities, which have made it a pleasure to work with him. I haven’t really experienced any challenges working with Semah. He doesn’t allow his visual impairment to hinder him in any way.”