Towards the twilight of the past administration of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the state transport firm, Imo Transport Company Ltd, almost went into comatose, following the forced relocation of the establishment.

The problem was not only because it was relocated, but due to the fact that it was moved to an isolated area from the city centre, where it has been since inception. For that reason many customers who used to patronize them reduced considerably as the distance to the new place made it very difficult for the passengers to get there easily.

Consequently, there were many protest both from the patronizing public and staff of the company, which the then Governor, Okorocha ignored and in his usual way of doing things, he insisted they must relocate to Onitsha road.

Within the period of this confusion, some of the drivers continued to hang outside the old site to pick passengers who were more interested in coming there than going to any other far place to join vehicles to their various destinations.

Few days to the swearing in of the new government of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, more pressure came from the then outgoing administration of Okorocha for the ITC to finally vacate, with serious moves to even remove every vehicle in the area, including damaged ones. But reports at that time indicated that those sent to implement the forceful evacuation were thoroughly resisted, which gave whatever remained of that place more time to stay until the new Ihedioha administration formally resumed.

A visit by to the ITC main office along MCC Road within the week showed that the place had already returned to full commercial activities, with many passengers trooping in and out of the company premises.

The whole place looked better than before in terms of cleanliness, with so much smiles on the faces of many of the people at the compound during the visit.

In an interactive session with one of the staff of the company, who decided to remain anonymous due to what he described as the sensitive nature of the matter. He disclosed that the day, 29th may 2019 when Hon. Ihedioha was sworn in as the 6th Governor of Imo State, would go down in history as the best and happiest day for ITC as an entity, the staff, customers and all Imo people.

According to him; “Immediately Ihedioha was sworn in, that same moment, we opened the gates of this place, which was accompanied with celebrations all over the ITC premises and beyond”.

Speaking further, he said; “Thank God that the man (Okorocha) has left with his bad group whom he kept here to mismanage this place.

“We are all happy now and satisfied that he is no more in government, as he was only interested in frustrating us and other Imolites.

“Even at that time, I was almost resigning from the company as I could no longer withstand the whole thing”.

When asked the reason for the relocation, he said: “many reasons were given for them to justify the relocation, but all we know is that he wanted to sell the property before Ihedioha stopped the transaction”.

For many years the ITC has provided the general public with easy means of transportation without much complains, but following the inception of the last administration, a system of partial privatization introduced by the regime affected considerably the performance of the organization, resulting in drivers disharmony and irregular payment of staff salaries.