As a result of the clamor for zonal sharing of the presidential position in the Nigeria’s democratic setting, many people have actually advocated for shift of power to an Igbo man in 2023 from the South East region of the country. This is because of the fact that since after the civil war till date, no single person from the South Eastern part of Nigeria has been at the head of the nations leadership, which many have described as serious marginalization of the people of the area who are known for their industrial nature and ability to easily fit into every part of the Nigerian nation.

But as the country wait for the turn of another president in 2023, is there really any indication that the people from the South East are actually ready to take up power at the center in 2023? The facts on the ground still show that the two major political parties PDP and APC would most likely produce the president of Nigeria at that time. The President, Mohammadu Buhari who is of APC has only one term of four years to serve out, which ends in 2023.

Unfortunately, the people who are mostly Igbo speaking from the South East, usually seem not to play politics of wisdom which should have put them in an advantage and beneficial position, rather they often play politics of sentiment and hate which most times put them in a marginalized and disadvantaged spot.

Take for instance, some leaders from Igbo land and some other places have at one time or the other advised the people of the region to try to support a candidate that would guarantee them the 2023 presidential position. Even at a time it seemed as if it was becoming a consensus thing that power must shift to the region, but as time went on, the usual politics of sentiment and hate started to emerge, some prominent Igbo leaders even came up in Enugu with the endorsement of the opposition candidate who by the constitution of Nigeria would have two terms opportunity of eight years.

This seemingly direction of Igbo support and endorsement, prompted the minister of power Babatunde Fashola to fly the first kite by asking his Yoruba people to vote massively for Buhari and the APC in order for them to get the presidential position in 2023. The vice president Osibanjo few weeks later made the same request to the Yorubas during his visit to the palace of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, the Alafin of Oyo. According to him; “Yoruba have a crucial role to play in 2019 elections to ensure that APC wins. We are looking at 2023. If we don’t do well in 2019, the opportunity might evade us. We should be forward-looking and not spoil our future by allowing those who had plundered our nation to come back to government” So with the kind of politics Igbos play, are they really  forward-looking?

Unfortunately there is no consensus thinking on the way forward. While some are agitating for Biafra, many more are attacking the president and his tribe unnecessary for things that can easily be resolved by their regional leaders with the president without making too much noise. So no matter what anyone could be saying, the facts remains that in any democratic contest, the majority must always carry the day. Making it very necessary for the Ibos to take a decision on the most likely way to follow, in order to get to the center as president in the nearest future.

As a matter of fact, for the South Easterners to succeed in producing the country’s president, they must try to get the support of other tribes by building bridges amongst them, because attacking the Housas, Fulanis or Yorubas will not help the course of an Igbo man to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Also the activities of some of the diehard anti Buhari Igbo groups like the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, should be curtailed and be made to take things easy. In that way the people of the area would have a fresh beginning as continuous creating of enemies for the South East will not be helpful, because the support of major tribes from the North, South West and others is very necessary.

They should also appreciate the good things the president is doing for the South East region, such as the Niger bridge, roads and many other infrastructural development going on, so that if by next time an Igbo man becomes the President of the country, other tribes would also support him and not attack him unnecessary.