By Cyril Aririguzo,  KSM

The All Progressives Congress (APC) recently filed an application at the Supreme Court, asking it to reverse a judgement that sacked David Lyon as governor-elect of Bayelsa State. We are also aware that APC has approached the Supreme Court for the review of Zamfara State as well.

The reason for all these are not far fetched. It is obvious that APC have just realised that truth is bitter and will always carry the day. It’s now glaring that His Excellency, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha case is as good as won and an opener to many doubting Thomas who were confused about the law and the strength of having good evidence to reverse a Supreme Court Judgement even afterwards.

Majority of APC members are secretly praising and encouraging Hon Ihedioha even in agreement with the following facts below. 

1. The Supreme Court as the apex court in Nigeria is bound by law, to reverse an obvious glaring error arising from forgery and 419 documentation in it’s custody.

2. The court is aware of the consequences of leaving an indelible bad Judgement on it’s neck as future case study.

3. Generality of Nigerians and those in diaspora are already crying foul and mounting serious pressure on the Supreme Court to do the right thing.  

4. The International Communities are interested to see how the Supreme Court of Nigerian will promote rule of law by writing it’s name in the annals of world history as the true promoter of democracy in Africa.

5.  Other African countries who are learning from Nigeria political experiment are equally watching and I think the Court would not want to set up a bad precedence but rather exonorate itself from international ridicules.

6. INEC is denying knowledge of the 388 wards fake result sheets with is having more voters than number of registered voters.

7. The Supreme Court will now be thorough by going through every minute details of what gave rise to such a controversial judgement which include, the role the policeman involved, signatures, stamps used in perfecting the forgery.

8. The Supreme Court knows it doesn’t allocate votes in any election and will be contradicting itself with this case for double standard. More so, when Governor Ihedioha is still leading with 43 votes with all that was added as votes in error for Uzodinma. 

9. INEC is honourably in defense of it’s constitutional role as an electoral umpire whose decision on the matter is germane for all clarifications. A policeman report cannot supercede that of INEC in electoral dispute.

10. Economically, the case is a setback to Nigeria and discouragement to foreign investment. So many investors are not willing to invest in a turbulent economy created by the case in Imo State.

11. The Supreme Court Judgement has created lots of confusion, lack of faith in the judiciary and the 7 Justices of Supreme already know what is at stake and wouldn’t not want to be part of judgment that is without human conscience.

12. Imo people voted en mass for Governor Ihedioha and are witnesses to his good governance and for the Supreme Court to terminate such abruptly is an unholy force majeure, abberation and biased Judgement that does no one good. All the Supreme Court Justices already know this and they must surely reverse the case with honour.

13. A minority Judgement cannot stand a majority Judgement in any court of law talk-less of a Supreme Court. Ihedioha won in majority and that is his merit on the matter.

14. Uzodinma is not the APC flag-bearer in the 2019 governorship election courtesy of the 20 December, 2019 Supreme Court Judgement as already delivered. 

15. Uche Nwosu is the authentic flag-bearer of APC in the said election as ruled in the

20 December, 2019. The case here is clear to all asundry. The Judiciary, legislature and INEC are in agreement to this Judgement. 

16. The mathematical additions in the acclaimed 388 wards as votes for Uzodinma were not properly calculated and it did not tally with the total which showed errors. This is why the review will favour Governor Ihedioha. Also there is every indication that it was forged and it is assumed as a crime done in a hurry. The 7 Justices of the Supreme Court knows it is unjust and not tenable in any court of law not to talk of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

17. Incredibly, Uzodinma had to manufacture votes from the blues believing he will force it on INEC but it was rejected and later turn around to persuade our Honourable Justices of Supreme court and Nigerians to believe him. Nigeria has come of age to believe such nonsense. Supreme court will reverse the judgement on Tuesday 18, February, 2020 on the merit of the case before it.

18. The 7 Justices of the Supreme Court are honourable men and women of sound mind, with high reputation and also fellow Nigerians with conscience to observe and differentiate the truth and underlining lies. I know they are there for good of all Imo people to reverse the existing impunity.

19. Nigerians cannot believe that Ihedioha scored 8 votes in his ward as submitted by Uzodinma in his forged documents. This kind of lies can only come from the pit of hell. It is a slight on the collective intelligence of Mbaise and Imo people who trooped out en mass to cast their votes for Ihedioha. Truth is bitter, Ihedioha won the election for real and it be an evil to deny him his hard earned victory with fake documents of Uzodinma. Supreme court, the reverse is imminent and unstoppable.

20. God is Supreme  to the Supreme Court. The 7 Justices of the Supreme Court are all God fearing men and women, people who knows them are testifying already of their readiness to make amends and uphold justice for sake of posterity and our nascent democracy not minding the initial mistakes.