The Vatican City, where the Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis stays, on Friday confirmed its first case of coronavirus.

The case was confirmed after a member of the Vatican’s staff tested positive for coronavirus amid fears for the Pope’s health.

It could be recalled that the Pope has been down with flu but tested negative for COVID19.

The Pontiff has canceled some of his official meetings after suffering from a cold during an Ash Wednesday service.

It was learnt that outpatient services at the Vatican’s health clinic were all suspended in order to sanitize the environment.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni announced this while addressing reporters in the city.

He added: “ All non-essential services at Vatican clinic has been suspended while the premises are disinfected.

“The city state’s emergency services will continue,Vatican has informed Italian health authorities.

“The clinic is open to staff and family members of people who work at the Vatican.”

So far, about 97,000 cases have been infected with the deadly disease World wide while 3,383 deaths have been recorded since the outbreak in Wuhan, China.