Attorneys breakdown ACLU abortion lawsuit

The Hawaii doctors are seeking a preliminary injunction from the court that would allow them to counsel patients online on medication abortions, or abortion pills.

“Because of certain FDA rules you have to be an authorized prescriber to prescribe it, which the doctors in Hawaii are,” she said. “And as far as we know there are no authorized prescribers of that medication in Guam, and again that’s part of the lack of access.”

aside from the court action, the law can be updated by the legislature to accommodate medical and technological advancements. But Williams says she’s gotten no indication that will happen.

“In this last election I had the opportunity to ask candidates this question if they would be if elected would they help amend or revise laws that would or are medically unnecessary and restricting access to abortion, and I can tell you that I don’t think there was one elected senator who opted to answer the question or said they would do so,” she said.

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