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Bush v. Gore's attorney tells federal society that the 2020 election is "over".

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The Framers separated powers because they knew that individuals would be flawed. They have written many checks and we have just witnessed one, the choice. To the extent that the citizens of this country disliked the way President Trump spoke or the way he threatened people or the way he carried out the law, they were exercising their right to vote. And we have – I think the elections are over – a new president.

– Ted Olson, a Gibson Dunn & Crutcher partner who successfully supported then-candidate George W. Bush in the US Supreme Court's 2000 Bush v Gore case, in comments made during a Federalist Society-hosted panel on powers the US government were given presidency. "(W) We have a constitution that works pretty well," added Olson. "Ultimately, we will have flawed people in office, and people will ultimately have the responsibility and the ability to make changes when they see fit." Olson continued to serve as attorney general in the Bush administration.

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