Cat Lawyer Ponton to be immortalized with bobblehead

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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (Nexstar) – Presidio County Attorney Rob Ponton wasn’t expecting his cat-scapade to go viral. But here’s another thing he probably wasn’t expecting; a bobblehead.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum (NBHFM) announced last week that Ponton’s cat mishap, now known as “Zoom cat,” has officially become its very own bobblehead.

“I think it took off like that, because everybody can sort of empathize with it,” Ponton said earlier this month. “You know, everybody has struggled with technology as we tried to keep going with our lives, and our businesses, and families in these last few stressful months.”

The Lawyer said the cat filter captured his anxiety as he quickly tried to remedy the mistake and get back to work. And that’s exactly what the bobblehead will depict as well.

The NBHFM says one bobblehead will feature the large cat eyes looking forward and the second will have the concerned cat eyes looking downward both on a mini-laptop with a keyboard. The laptop will also have the phrase, now known around the world, “I’m not a Cat,” on the front.

“There’s no better way to honor a fun, viral moment than with a bobblehead,” NBHFM co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar said. “With so many people working remotely and meeting virtually during the coronavirus pandemic, people can relate to snafus, but this one takes the cake and will live on for a very long time as a meme and now a bobblehead.”

As for Ponton, he knows the moment will live on forever in the annual of internet history. Once filled with anxiety, Ponton now says he will just laugh and let it go.

“We have a saying in Texas, ‘You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube,’” Ponton said earlier this month. “The fact that it happened to me – I’ll just laugh about it. I hope everybody can have a lighthearted moment and realize that life can go on.”

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