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Professor, I Have A Question: Andrew Cuomo’s top aides allegedly worked on his behalf to cover up nursing home deaths in order to bolster his book sales. Including an NYU Law ethics professor. That’s clinical work in action!

Gotta Pay The Bills: If you’re looking for Biglaw dollars to pay off your loans, these are the law schools you need to be getting your degree.

Maybe Not Every Claim Needs To Be Brought: Eric Swalwell filed a lawsuit against Trump and the rest of the Capitol riot pep club. It seems as though Bennie Thompson brought almost these exact same claims and Swalwell just wants to horn in on the spotlight. So… white liberal guy wants to take the attention away from a Black man who did the real work first? That sounds about right.

Filling Out Time Sheets Hasn’t Changed At All, Huh?: McGuireWoods got a no-bid government contract… so what did that look like? Reviewed social media posts, “news articles relating to Michael Pack” and an “[Office of Inspector General] audit on Hillary Clinton’s email breach.” So vague descriptions are still the norm I guess.

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