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In Equity, Possibly Hillbillies Don’t Know About Audio Tape But — See Additionally


In Fairness, Maybe Hillbillies Don’t Know About Audio Tape Yet — See Also

An Inconvenient Batshit Thing To Say: J.D. Vance thinks no one will sit through his interview to prove that he’s lying, but if you could sit through that Hillbilly Elegy movie, you can literally sit through anything.
Anchors Aweigh: Based on this suit over getting tossed from the Naval Academy’s mostly symbolic board, it’s shocking Sean Spicer didn’t sue when he got kicked off Dancing with the Stars, because he had just as much of a case then.
Fox Around And Find Out: Fox News reportedly kicked Rudy off its shows, most likely in an effort to minimize the defamation potential.
Opening Up The Doors: California may join the paraprofessional ranks and get some more narrow legal help to folks who need it.
Good News: And why not close out the week with some associate raise news!

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