Lawyer serves metropolis with lots of of further French Island resident claims for PFAS disaster

The city has also filed its own claim against 23 chemical manufacturing companies who have produced the foam likely to have caused the contamination, some of which knew about the toxicity of the chemicals for decades.

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City officials have suggested that residents in the town of Campbell join in its legal efforts against the manufacturers, but Jacobson indicated Friday that won’t happen.

“The city seemed to suggest somehow the residents on French Island should join the city and the city’s lawsuit, and quite frankly I think that’s a nonsensical suggestion,” Jacobson said. “The city is seeking compensation to put money in the city’s own bank account. The city is not pursuing a claim to put money in the pockets that compensate the people on French Island.

“We certainly support the city’s efforts to recover money from the chemical companies. We certainly feel that the chemical companies are highly culpable for this problem, that they have deceived the public for decades about the dangers of PFAS chemicals, and so we want to see a recovery made,” he said.

“But to the extent the city incurs cost to do testing and remediation and supply clean water to people — sure if they want to seek reimbursement from the chem companies, go for it. But the city is not providing, at this point, any direct solution to the residents of La Crosse, which is why we are asserting these legal claims against the city,” Jacobson said.

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