Legal professional’s Workplace: No legal fees in capturing demise of Bradley Lewis

TUCSON (KVOA) – The Pima County Attorney’s office has completed its investigation into the shooting death of Bradley Lewis, which happened on January 20th, 2021.

A deputy shot and killed Lewis outside of his grandparents’ home after responding to reports of a person trying to break into vehicles in driveways.

Bradley Lewis was wanted for assault with a handgun and other crimes. Because of how the night of his death played out the Pima County attorney’s office decided to not pursue any criminal charges against the deputy who shot him.

According to the letter detailing the investigation, deputies responding knew that lewis was the suspect before arriving on the scene because of prior incidents.

After a short chase, detectives say Lewis left his vehicle and charged a deputy.

The deputy would open fire on Lewis, killing him.

The family released a statement to news four tucson saying:

“Our family is stunned that an investigation of homicide done exclusively by the same group responsible, would prompt the da to reach a conclusion on something when the Pima County Sheriff’s Department hasn’t even provided a report promised a month ago. We are grieving with no answers and they’ve just poured salt in our wounds without explanation,” the Lewis Family said.

Statements from deputies and neighbors in the report describe the scene as frantic. Residents reported hearing commands such as “show me your hands” and “get out of the car” before the shooting.

The attorney of the Lewis family says that to find no criminal charges in the death of an unarmed 19-year-old by law enforcement is unbelievable.

“I guess it’s ok to kill someone when they haven’t been convicted of anything. I guess it’s ok to kill somebody who’s not armed and I guess it’s ok to kill someone because you hear that they might have committed this,” said Eduardo Coronado, attorney of the Lewis family.

Coronado says that as they move forward all options are on the table, including a civil lawsuit.

The sheriff’s department’s next step is an internal investigation.

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