Motown lawyer, TV persona Henry Baskin, useless at 88

Henry Baskin was the kind of attorney who would fight tooth and nail for his clients in the courtroom, and maintain lifelong friendships with the opposing counsel outside of it. 

“He was a brilliant lawyer. He was always prepared. And he would go to the ends of the world to advocate for his client,” said family law attorney Edward Gold. “We could fight like cats and dogs when we had a case. But when it was over, we were still friends.” 

Anchorwoman Fanchon Stinger and attorney Henry Baskin attend the CARE House of Oakland County's 13th annual Circle of Friends held at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham,  Jan. 29, 2009.

Mr. Baskin, a lawyer, legal activist and television personality known for representing Motown icons, pioneering entertainment and media law practice in Michigan, and working to make complicated legal topics accessible to the public, died Saturday, October 2, 2021, in his Bloomfield Hills home. He was 88. 

Following a heart attack in September, according to his son, Marc Baskin, Mr. Baskin died peacefully in his sleep with Marc and his sister, Dana Baskin-Coffman, at his side. 

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