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We Have Some Lovely Gifts: Davis Polk is giving associates some nice items and experiences as an extra, non-cash bonus. Some people might rather have the cash, but there’s a nice wellness angle here. Associates are just going to dump the cash into paying off their debt which feels entirely soul-crushing. By forcing them to take a vacation or splurge at Nordstrom, they actually get to recharge their batteries and feel like they got something.

The Deep End Of The Jury Pool: Lawyers assume that the end of the pandemic will reset the world to its 2019 status quo and we’ll all go back to in-person court sessions. And, given the profession’s dogged resistance to change that’s probably true. But online trials have produced a big bump in generational and racial diversity and those are accomplishments that shouldn’t be thrown away lightly.

The RAND Corporation, In Conjunction With… the Saucer People: Parler wants payback from Amazon for killing their site. It’s all a big conspiracy, and apparently one involving time travel because they make numerous allegations based on events that happened before Amazon supposedly did anything. Some very, very rich people paid for Parler and they’re very, very much not using that money on top-flight legal theories.

Getting Roped Back Into The Office: Vaccines are likely to be widespread by the summer and Ropes & Gray is eyeing a September 6 return date. It’s a very good choice for reopening the office — kids heading back to school, vacation weather receding, everyone just starting to not shut up about pumpkin spice — all in all a great time to get back together.

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