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Stat Of The Week: What ATL Readers Need To Know 

As the Above the Law Non-Event gets underway with a focus on practice management software, what related topics are foremost on the minds of small firm lawyers and solos? 

According to “intent data” compiled by Bombora, an Above the Law marketing partner, these lawyers likely have AFAs on the brain. 

Bombora is the largest B2B data cooperative — an arrangement where numerous publishers pool anonymized user data to determine areas of interest for varied user groups and companies.

The resulting intent data reveals topics where research activity is accelerating among a subset of users — a possible indicator of intent to invest in this area. 

Among small firms and solos, “alternative fee arrangements” is the No. 1 practice management-related topic, based on research surges from Nov. 1 to Jan. 31. 

Email management topics come in second and fourth, respectively, and project management topics place highly throughout. 

See below for a visualization of the top topics (click to enlarge). And then head over to the Non-Event to do some research of your own. 

The Legal Tech Non-Event [Above the Law]

Jeremy Barker is the director of content marketing for Breaking Media. Feel free to email him with questions or comments and to connect on LinkedIn

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