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Suspended Biglaw Affiliate charged with Molotov cocktail assault locked at residence

The last time we checked in was on vacationed (and later suspended) Biglaw employee Colinford Mattis and lawyer Urooj Rahman, both of whom were charged with participating in a Molotov cocktail attack on a police vehicle in Brooklyn, New York she was sent back to prison after he was originally released for a $ 250,000 bond. The couple were charged with arson and the use of explosives, and everyone pleaded not guilty. Earlier this week, her fate changed again thanks to a decision by the Second Circuit.

With the support of former attorneys-at-law, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and more than 850 people currently or previously affiliated with the New York University School of Law, Mattis and Rahman eagerly awaited news from the Court of Appeals. The New York Law Journal contains details of the events:

Judges from the U.S. Circuit Second Court of Appeals upheld the decision of a district judge on Tuesday that the lawyer, who found that lawyers accused of setting fire to an empty New York City police car may be released into the detention center to be released the attorneys at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn are vacating an earlier stay.

Judges Peter Hall and Gerard Lynch wrote that they "might not have come to the same conclusion" as US District Judge Margo Brodie from the Eastern District of New York, Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman for a $ 250,000 bond in the Had been released but they were left without the firm belief that Brodie made a clear mistake.

Judge Jon Newman disagreed and wrote that the court, even if it was not reversed due to a clear mistake, should put you in pre-trial detention so that the district court can “explicitly” state whether the presumption of detention has been refuted.

The families of Mattis and Rahman were thrilled to learn that the lawyers would return home from prison. We will continue to pursue this interesting case as the courts continue, and will provide updates where available.

Lawyers Who Are Accused of Molotov Cocktail Bombing Can Return Home, 2. Circuit Rules (New York Law Journal)

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