The lawyer didn’t disappoint Pa. A person imprisoned for ravenous three younger kids

A Dauphin County man serving a prison term for starving and otherwise ill-treating three young children failed to convince a state appeals court that his attorney abandoned him.

The Supreme Court's denial of Joshua Weyant's appeal means he will continue to serve his 19½ to 39½ year sentence for doing what investigators called a House of Secrets.

Weyant's wife Brandi is also behind bars.

Joshua Weyant

District Judge Scott A. Evans handed down the sentence after Joshua Weyant pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges, including aggravated assault, wrongful imprisonment and child endangerment.

Investigators said the children, ages 4, 5 and 6, were held in a bare, unheated room in the Halifax Township home in Weyant. There were no toys or furniture, not even bed linen for the children.

The children were withheld from the Weyants because they were “bad”. The children were held in the room for hours and days and forced to purge their own urine, feces and vomit, investigators said.

They said that while the Weyants were starving the children, they would overfeed their dogs.

Joshua Weyant, 37, on his appeal to the Supreme Court, alleged that his attorney failed by failing to challenge his sentence within a 30-day legal window. Weyant claimed that he asked for this filing to be made.

There is no evidence that Weyant ever made such a request, as Judge Daniel D. McCaffery noted in the Supreme Court opinion denying Weyant's appeal.

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