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A lawyer in the Pratapgarh district has filed a civil lawsuit against former US President Barack Obama's latest book, "The Promised Land," in which he mentions Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, a former prime minister.
The attorney has requested that an FIR be submitted as the book that "offends" leaders and hurts the feelings of their followers.
Gyan Prakash Shukla, National President of All India Rural Bar Association, has filed the civil lawsuit in the Lalganj Civil Court.
The case is due to be heard on December 1st.
The lawyer has claimed in his petition that what Obama said about Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi is humiliating and an attack on the country's sovereignty.
He has claimed that there are millions of followers of these leaders and they feel hurt by the remarks in Obama's book.
The attorney has also said that if Congress leaders' supporters take to the streets to protest the book, it could lead to chaos.
The attorney said if an FIR is not filed, he will fast outside the U.S. embassy.
In his memoirs, Barack Obama has said that Sonia Gandhi selected Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister because he posed no threat to her son Rahul Gandhi, whom she looked after as her heir.
Obama remembered Manmohan Singh as "a man of unusual wisdom" and also mentioned that Singh owed his position to Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress.
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